Introducing Noel!


Registered name: Zephyrs Noel Baissier, CGC, TDI (Christmas Bear)


She is owned by Shannon and Tom Miller who live in

Tustin Ranch, California


Noel completed her CGC certificate at the ACA Nationals held

Oct 27, 2011 in Tucson, AZ and completed her TDI on June 16, 2012!


E-mail address:

Breeder: Wendy & Barry Ohlrich - Zephyr Akitas

Breeder website:


Noel has been in a training class of some sort since 4 months old. She has attended puppy class, Obedience I, Off Leash Control, Tricks Class, and currently taking Rally Class at Wags and Wiggles in Tustin, Ca (, and is also enrolled in Competition Obedience Class at Jump Start Dog Sports in Yorba Linda, Ca (


Her favorite things are attending Puppy Daycare at Wags and Wiggles 1-2 times per week where she plays with approx 20 - 30 dogs, trips to the beach with her best buddy Cosmo the Akita, hiking in Peters Canyon, and playing with Mom & Dad. Her FAVORITE treat is Pig Ears! 


We train mostly with "positive reinforcement", we have had EXCELLENT results with clicker training, and corrections are really not well-received. She is extremely smart and likes to stay "busy". Extremely food motivated so training is a joy.....not stubborn at all!


11/25/13 update: We just qualified for TDIA upon completing 50 visits! I've applied for AKC's THD Therapy Dog Certification, and I've applied to the ACA for Noe'ls VA title!


TDI update (click here)