“PJ” CH Gekko’s Samba In The Cat’s Pajamas RA BN CGC TT VA

Breeders/owners: Monica & Greg Colvin Handler: Monica Colvin

After completing her championship exclusively from the Bred-By Exhibitor class at 17 months, PJ began training in rally and obedience. She earned her RN, BN, TT and CGC titles easily – the only thing that held her back from competing in 2 National Specialties was the fact that she kept coming in season! She managed to avoid that “obstacle” in August 2014 to finish her RA title. On her 3rd leg, PJ earned a score of 98, placing 4th in a class of 15 mainly RAE competitors.

PJ truly loves working and being around other dogs and people, requesting lots of schnuggles from whoever will cooperate. When she doesn’t “get it right” in the ring, it is sure to be an entertaining mistake, misstep or “oops”! Her wonderful sense of humor, walking a fine line -- nailing it – or breaking into zoomies in the ring keeps me humble.

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