RN title earned 1/2/05 by CH Skipjack's Politicly Ncorrect CD RE owned by P Mills RI title earned 11/25/17 by CH Shogitai's Caught In The Crossfire RI FDC CGCA CGCU TKI owned by Linda Bacco & Samuel Bacco RA title earned 5/15/05 by CH Akiko's Bet On Me CD RE owned by B Bobrow/C Parker RE title earned 7/10/05 by CH Akiko's Bet On Me CD RE B Bobrow/C Parker RAE title earned 10/10/06 by Blue-J's Five Alive CD RAE NAP NJP owned by J Johnson RAE2 title earned 5/1/16 by Hanko's Lady Envy Rose CD BN RAE2 RATN CGC owned by K Henderson
These are the first title earners in AKC Rally: