AKC Agility Top Ten updated: 11/15/15
Akita Performance Rankings  created by:  Deb Fletcher
for events held in October 2015
Rank Registered Name Picture Owner(s) Points last date competed
1st Prairie's Without A Doubt MXP2 MJP2 MJPB MXPB ü D Fletcher/C Hutt 538.3 10/17/15
2nd Heart Of Dixie Leaping Lehigh MX MXJ XF ü J Jones 217.4 10/31/15
3rd Kobu's Keep Your Eyez On The Prize CA   S Cargill 109.4 10/31/15
4th Kobu's Double Take The Kredit RN AXP AJP NFP   S Cargill 103.0 10/30/15