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Akita Performance Rankings

November 2013 Bragging rights!

Rally Brags! RN title!

Sprite - “Ursa Major's Sparkling Solitaire RN CGC” earned two Novice B
legs at the Chuckanut Dog Training Association trial placing 3rd and
finishing her RN title! Owner: T Knoebel

Shingen - “Haruki Go No Hyozan” earned two Novice A legs at the Dallas
Shetland Sheepdog Club trials with two 3rd placements!
Owner: D Taylor

Porter - “Ursa Major's Deschutes Dark CGC” earned two Novice A legs at
the Whidbey Island Kennel Club Inc trials!
Owners: M Fisher/T Knoebel

Aja - “Shogitai's Saved The Best For Last RN” earned her 3rd Novice B leg RN title!
at the Holyoke Kennel Club, Inc trial finishing her RN title!
Owner: L Bacco/S Bacco

Envy - “Hanko's Lady Envy Rose RA” earned 1 Advanced B leg at the
Antelope Valley Kennel Club, Inc trial!
Owner: K Henderson

Congratulations to all these dedicated handlers for working so hard to obtain
so much with their beloved Akita’s!
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