Akita's who competed in AKC Obedience from 1974 to 1998  updated  11/12/13
who earned their "UD" title in Obedience - 7 Akita's in all  created by:  Deb Fletcher
(note: AKC records before 1985 are sketchy at best)
Registered Name Owner(s) Picture title earned date whelped date title earned
CH Charisma's Miko Go No K Mikado UD TD Janice Mitchell   UD 5/18/1974  
Magokoro Kuma Taro UD TD Bob S Endo/Cassie M Endo   UD 1/17/1975  
Hot's Montana San UD Vanessa Grasso/Andre Grasso   UD 3/9/1980   
Khalea's Tozan Tora Kuma UD John Maynard/Pat Maynard   UD 10/18/1981 10/13/1985
Spotted Bear's Kuma San UD Bonnie C Postovit   UD 5/15/1982 5/16/1987 
Red Ace Shogun UD Annette Sensano/Gilbert Ragudo   UD 7/28/1983 8/23/1987 
Soho's Don't Mess With My Tutu UD Hunt M Cleveland ü UD 7/22/1985 11/4/1989