Obedience Top Fifteen  updated  1/29/14
Akita Performance Rankings  created by:  Deb Fletcher
for AKC events from Jan 1 thru Dec 31, 2013
Rank Registered Name Picture Owner(s) Points last date competed in Obedience
1st Shiojiri's Balzar Le Content UDX2 ü J Cannon/S Cannon 2,950.0 11/10/13
2nd Koma-Inu Jakita's Music Maker UD GN RN ü J Howard 1,300.0 11/17/13
3rd Zephyr's Noel Baissier BN CGC ü S Miller/T Miller 900.0 10/2/13
4th Gekko's Isis Sangatsu BN CGC ü A Carlson 747.0 9/7/13
5th Inuline Miru Lady In Red BN RN ü S Lisker/M Lisker 741.0 6/30/13
6th CH Gekko's Samba In The Cat's Pajamas BN RN ü M Colvin/G Colvin 574.5 5/26/13
7th GCH CH Sondaisa Fyre When Ready CD ü C Sullivan 534.5 11/17/13
8th Moonlight's Groogrux King CD ü J Lueras 531.5 10/13/13
9th Eiserntor Lucy I'M Home BN ü B Ogus/S Jaffe 361.5 12/13/13
10th CH Okami's Chiseled In Stone RN CGC ü L Wolf/F Wolf 189.0 3/30/13
11th Seaisland's Wisdom Of Solomon CGC   J Burk 186.5 10/1/13
12th Moonlight's Shining Black Onyx CD BN RE CGC ü N Dougherty/C Stanley 170.0 7/7/13