World Cynosport Rally Top 20  updated  4/16/14
Akita Performance Rankings  created by:  Deb Fletcher
for events from 2001 thru Dec 31, 2013
Rank Registered Name Picture Owner(s) Points last date competed in Rally
1st ARCHX Retief of the CDT RLV RL1X RL2XII RL3X AOE3 ü South, Alice 13,564 11/17/13
2nd Jupiter's Kuma RL1X RL2 RLVX AOEV ü Dougherty, Natalia 7,968 10/4/09
3rd Kaidy Lynn AOE1 RL1X RL2   McKenna-Salvesen, Aelish 4,884 5/19/13
4th Heston RLPX RL1X RL2 AEOP ü Wolf, Linda 4,648 11/16/13
5th Lookin for the Double Dare RL1CL RL3 ü Roe, Sandy 4,161 5/20/07
6th Moonlight's Shining Black Onyx RL2 RLPX AOEP ü Dougherty, Natalia 2,935 11/4/12
7th Sir Hurricane Axle RL2 ü Dougherty, Natalia 2,762 4/5/09
8th Okami's Turnin' The Paige RLPX RL1 AOE1 ü Wolf, Linda 2,471 5/5/13
9th Blue J's Five Alive RL2 AOE2   Johnson, Jane 1,966 7/26/09
10th Rescue's Leronis of Neskaya RL1 AOE1   South, Alice 1,429 11/17/13
11th Am Can CH Orients Pride Neko of Dandg RL1 AOE1 ü DeLaRosa, Daniel 1,184 11/5/06
12th Skipjack's Hidden Treasure RL1   Johnson, Jane 1,069 1/31/04
13th Klaatu Barada Nikto RL1 ü South, Alice 960 2/10/07
14th Grandalam's Yeti of Dandg RL1   DeLaRosa, Daniel 779 6/10/07
15th Wannahike's Tonkatsu RL1CL   Kreider, Deborah L. 772 5/14/04
16th Skipjack's Politicly  Ncorrect RL1 ü Mills, Patricia 533 11/19/03
17th Akiko   Helton, Martine 395 6/27/09
18th Wannahike's Cinnamon   Kreider, Bob 389 11/14/02
August 13, 2012
The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) is pleased to announce the upcoming transition of 
the APDT Rally program to the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA). The program 
will be known as World Cynosport® APDT Rally during the transition period. 
The APDT Board of Trustees is very excited about their selection of the new home for APDT 
Rally. USDAA has built a successful worldwide operation for the enjoyment of the sport of dog 
agility and the APDT Board of Trustees believes they have the enthusiasm and business acumen 
to do the same for APDT Rally.