Rally Top Twenty  updated  12/31/13
Akita Performance Rankings  created by:  Deb Fletcher
for AKC events from Jan 1 thru Nov 30, 2013
Rank Registered Name Picture Owner(s) Points last date competed in Rally
1st Hanko's Lady Envy Rose RA ü K Henderson 954 11/3/13
2nd Minda & Midnite The Gods Have Spoken CD BN RE CGC ü B Sikkink 906 6/23/13
3rd CH Shogitai's Larger Than Life RA ü L Bacco/S Bacco 454 7/4/13
4th Ursa Major's Sparkling Solitaire RN CGC ü T Knoebel 283 11/2/13
5th Shogitai's Saved The Best For Last ü L Bacco/S Bacco 275 11/21/13
6th Minda's Country Roads To Gekko RN ü M Colvin 257 7/13/13
7th Liberty's Trackstar   T Manchester/G Manchester 239 9/7/13
8th Rippa-Na Saten Resu   C Parker/B Bobrow/C Kam-Wong 197 4/28/13
9th Dexter ü V Durant 190 10/6/13
10th CH Gekko's Samba In The Cat's Pajamas BN RN ü M Colvin/G Colvin 186 5/19/13
11th CH Wicca's Western Edge Of The Sun RA ü R Palmer/A Palmer 184 10/2/13
12th Haruki Go No Hyozan ü D Taylor 174 11/17/13
13th CH Kumakura's Shogitai's Fade To Black RA ü L Bacco/R Keca/S Bacco 174 10/6/13
14th Ursa Major's Deschutes Dark CGC ü M Fisher/T Knoebel 172 11/17/13
15th Nakodo's Crimson Rose ü A Gomez 151 10/2/13
16th Jer-Mar's Rumour Has It Of Kofuku No   N Monso/I Monso/M Denney 88 10/1/13
17th CH Okami's Chiseled In Stone RN CGC ü L Wolf/F Wolf 87 3/30/13
18th Rescue's Leronis Of Neskaya   A South 85 4/28/13
19th Huntmere Krystal Blue Persuasion Of Sug' rbear   K Weightman/D Weightman 70 10/2/13