AKC Rally Top Fifteen  updated  6/20/15
Akita Performance Rankings  created by:  Deb Fletcher
for events from January 1 thru May 31, 2015
Rank Registered Name Picture Owner(s) Points last date competed
1st Hanko's Lady Envy Rose RAE RATI ü K Henderson 1,422 5/31/15
2nd Ursa Major's Sparkling Solitaire BN RE CGC ü T Knoebel 515 5/16/15
3rd PT1 Haruki Go No Hyozan RE BN NNI ü D Taylor 415 4/18/15
4th CH Wicca's Western Edge Of The Sun RE CGC ü R Palmer/A Palmer 281 5/23/15
5th Celestial Fyre Casta Jealousy Spell RN CGC   H Aguilar/S Miller-Ferris 266 1/4/15
6th Rippa-Na Koki RN   C Parker/B Bobrow/C Kam-Wong 252 1/23/15
7th Moonlight's Groogrux King CD RA ü J Lueras 181 5/10/15
8th Sun-Rae Ring Of Fire RN   I Monso/N Monso 172 4/4/15
9th Ursa Major's Field Of Dreams RN CGC   T Knoebel 164 5/16/15
10th CH Gekko's Samba In The Cat's Pajamas BN RA CGC ü M Colvin/G Colvin 93 3/11/15
11th Gekko's Snow Punk Of Wild Ridge RN ü M Colvin/G Colvin 93 3/11/15
12th Huntmere Krystal Blue Persuasion Of Sug' rbear RN   K Weightman/D Weightman 93 4/3/15
13th CH Cr's Sudden Impact RN   F Rossi 91 1/31/15
14th Shogitai's Caught In The Crossfire   L Bacco/S Bacco 90 3/7/15
15th CH Countryside's Uptown Girl THDA CGC   B Bullard/E Warf 89 3/20/15