This is how the process works:


I've purchased monthly data reports from each venue, and/or access to their database through their website. With USDAA and Cynosport Rally, I receive each individual legs earned in each trial entered, with AKC, NACSW, BHA I only receive each title completed. To actually Rank each individual Akita in AKC Agility, Obedience and Rally I have to look-up every single leg earned on AKC's website. On average this takes me about 24 hours to pull the Agility details, 8 hours to pull the Obedience details and about 4 hours to pull the Rally details. Then I search through all of this data to find all the Akita's competing, then look up the details for each of their individual legs earned by each trial entered.


When I started this project back in October 2013, I also had to create the individual databases right along with trying to obtain the data. I would venture to say I was spending about 60 hours a week just getting it all put together.  Next came adding all of the venues I could actually receive Akita exhibitor details from; DOCNA, NADAC, Cynosport Rally, NACSW, NAFA, BHA, TT, etc.


Now, almost a year later, I have everything down to a pretty good process. Unfortunately pulling all the data still takes about 40 to 45 hours in total per month for all venues and all disciplines. Creating the actual Rankings reports for each discipline I have down to about one hour for each report depending on how many Akita's were entered in each discipline for the month I'm processing.


Today I would say I'm spending about 50 hours a month creating all of the monthly Rankings reports you see posted on the website and facebook. Yes this is a very time consuming and labor intensive project, but I believe every single Akita is worth it!


How I calculate the Rankings reports by points:


I look up every single leg earned by the individual Akita's entered by scores received in Agility, Obedience, Rally etc., and add each one of these legs (scores) into my Akita Performance Rankings database by each venue. I have a full record for every single Akita competing in AKC Agility, Obedience, Rally, Therapy, Tracking, CGC, CGCA, USDAA Agility, Cynosport Rally, Barn Hunt, and Nose Work events. Currently my AKC database holds all of the legs earned by points (scores) detail for 337 Akita's who are, or have been, competing in AKC performance/companion events since 1999 forward. My records go back to 1967 for AKC Obedience, and 1972 for AKC Tracking.


To keep the calculation as simple as possible so anyone looking at the Rankings reports can go back through their own individual records of legs earned, (points/scores received), they will be able to confirm their scores added all together is what I'm using to calculate the Rankings results.


AKC Agility is the only event that also includes speed points. For every leg earned I also calculate speed points for every level not just Masters and not just PACH/MACH points. I take each leg earned and look up the standard course time and compare it to the actual time the Akita completed the course in, and the difference is the speed points that are added to the actual score the Akita received for that leg. I also track the YPS (yards per second) to see how fast the Akita is running each leg.


How I calculate the Rankings reports by titles:


I use the same data listed above, but I look up every single Akita's titles and create the Rankings by Title first followed by Rankings Points.  This way, anyone staying in the Novice classes will never out Rank anyone with a CDX or UD.


as of October 2016:


From it's inception to date, I have spent 3,523 hours creating the Rankings/Results details at a cost of $8,431 for purchasing reports, internet services, computer hardware software, website hosting and domain name registration! I truly hope your enjoying them and using them for your Bragging Rights!


I have over 1,200 Akita's in all of my databases combined!