Introducing Balzar!


Registered name: Shiojori's Balzar Le Content UDX2

Owned by John & Sigalia Cannon from Ohio

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Breeder: Shiojiri Akitas

Breeder website:


We're attaching a show photo of Balzar presenting a scent article.  He nearly always gets the correct one; but it is a hard exercise for him, maybe because it has to be done somewhat slowly in any case and <slowly> means time for thinking and <thinking> means time for worrying and that means doing things extra slowly.

We don't have that much experience training; only training Dubhe, also an Akita, back in the '90s. He got his UD and TDX. But we do wonder about Akitas: They need to understand and think about what they should do; while in comparison a BC, say, needs only practice reacting  to commands and situations. 

Also, in our limited experience, it seems that Akitaís need to learn 
about the scenes in which they work. At this point Balzar is very 
comfortable at shows with the other dogs. Also, he loves pats from 
people. He loves little dogs, especially pugs (as Ozzie mentioned in  F&F).  He doesn't much like treats from other people; mostly he sniffs  them over suspiciously.