Over the last 20+ years, all combined I’ve earned 157 Performance/Companion/Champion Titles on my four wonderful Akita’s, and attended eight National Agility events in CPE, DOCNA, UKI and AKC. The last two being the 2017 AKC Agility Invitational in Orlando Florida and the 2017 AKC Agility Nationals in Perry Georgie with Cheyenne. I’m extremely proud of everything my cherished Akita’s have accomplished! The best part, Cheyenne being awarded the breeder/owner Agility Champion designation from AKC, something no other Akita has ever earned, and never will again! I’m the only Akita Performance exhibitor to have two Akita’s qualified for the AKC Agility Invitational at the same time, in the same year, and I’ve had the #1 Akita in AKC Agility since 2010! Yes, Akita Performance history has been made by me! Our final milestone; Cheyenne qualified for the AKC Agility Nationals! No Akita has ever qualified for this event since it’s inception back in 1996… that is until now! We competed in the event finishing in 40th place! Akita Performance doesn’t get any better than this! Click here for Cheyenne’s website and here for Dolcenea
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Deb Fletcher - self appointed Performance Akita historian